London Wedding Photographer // Destination Wedding in Cascais, Portugal

Psst…you can see their engagement session here.

Richard & Maria’s July wedding in Portugal was such a dream. It all started on Friday night with a rooftop drinks reception. Saturday started in the afternoon when Maria, her mom, sister and sis-in-law to be got ready in a room at the Farol Hotel with the most stunning hotel room view I have ever seen. The doors were open and the room was filled with the most gentle sea breeze. It was utter heaven. Maria’s makeup artist from MAC came over from Lisbon and she was adorable, professional and fantastic judging by the  state of Maria’s (still perfect) face at the end of the day!

My second shooter, Hayley, and I then headed to St. George’s Church in Lisbon which is an English Anglican church (the only one around!) The ceremony was perfect with the best trumpet player, a beautiful Swedish singer and lots and lots of L.O.V.E. of course!

The reception was held at Coconuts in Cascais, just next to the Farol Hotel where we first started the day. Let me tell you…that venue was absolutely perfect. The sea crashing against the rocks, the firepit, the temperature, the light, the FOOD! It was just absolute bliss and I didn’t want to leave.

Thank you so much, Richard & Maria, for having me as your wedding photographer. It’s been such a pleasure.


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supporting cast

Makeup by Raquel at MAC
Hair by Isabel Cotrim
Dress by Pronovias
Reception – Coconuts


Gina Parry

Absolutely stunning wedding photography Elizabeth, you must be thrilled to bits with this gallery of beautiful memories, x

Carmen Perez Plaisance

Gorgeous wedding!!

Ashley John Fortuin

WOW… Great capturing Elizabeth Halford Photography and layout!!!

Jill Highbaugh Fremont

Beautiful, Elizabeth Halford :-) Love it and love the wedding too.

Shannon Deans

I love every single detail of this wedding, and you captured it SO very well!!!!