London Family Photography // Lavender Family Session at Mayfield Lavender, Surrey

“I love it! It’s wonderful, finally we have our whole family in front of the camera. It’s simply WOW!” -Lorna

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Oooohmahgoodness. I had to invent a new word to tell you how in love I am with Lorna’s family session.

Lorna’s a Cardiff photographer who’s been in contact with me for quite a few years. So when she said she wanted to bring her gorgeous family to see me in the lavender, I was super happy. We met at Mayfield Lavender (just 15 miles from central London) for the most sun soaked, warm joyful time photographing, talking, eating and appreciating lots and lots of bumblebees.

  • Jonathan Morgan Gilmore

    Thank you for a wonderful day and these amazing photos. It was lovely to meet you Elizabeth.

  • Cheryl Raybould

    Beautiful pictures xx.

  • Kate Towers


  • Kate Towers


  • Anne Cook


  • Lorna Knightingale

    I just can’t stop staring at them all.

  • Ina Van Zyl Hugo-Langerman

    Sooooo beautiful

  • Helen Presnell

    gorgeous, happy photos!

  • Jan Carson

    So delicate and ethereal!

  • Sarah Siller


  • Susan Dusseault

    Just beautiful!

  • Lee Williams

    Love these, and what a great location.

  • Rosani Cesar Zózimo

    __A plantação de lavanda é desta família bonita ou apenas foram passear ali? Já pensaram em visitar outras plantações como plantações de girassóis, rosas, tulipas, margaridas etc. Ou passear por entre pavões?