“I never thought I’d love a family picture like this. You are amazing at capturing magic moments”

- Rita


"You did a fantastic job and didn't feel intrusive on our day at all. Of all the providers I researched, you were the only one that I knew straight away would be perfect."


"Naomi can be really shy about new people and new situations. Elizabeth was so good at helping Naomi feel relaxed.

By the end of the session, she had left my side and was walking along with Elizabeth. She's really looking forward to doing another session in the future."


"Paul hates photos of himself but he wants to put these ones on our walls. That's praise, indeed!"


"The experience of being photographed by you made me feel like a different person. It brought out an inner confidence and brought back the me I'd been missing.

It's something I will never forget."


"The whole wedding was such a blur but it's all come flooding back with your gorgeous photos.

So many moments that I had forgotten. I shed a tear or two and can't tell you how happy the last hour has been looking at our photos."

“Looking back on these photographs makes me realize that all the attention to detail in our wedding was worth it. You have captured the feeling that we worked so hard to get.”

- Anna


"Although we spend tons of time together, this is the only time we've spent just thinking and talking about the little girl we have on the way and you totally created that for ut!

I wasn't sure what to expect but it was more than just a photo session. "


"You were so much more than someone who just took photos. Thank you for helping me stay calm during the morning and makeing photos where I look the way I wanted to look."


"I love these even more than my wedding photos."


"What you have produced is nothing short of a miracle."


"Oh Elizabeth, they are the most stunning photographs we have ever seen. We are both in tears (separately) at our desks! Storytelling at its finest, the whole day has just been re-lived.

You were the easiest decision we made throughout our wedding planning process, and with complete trust, we put capturing our day in your hands. You are fantastic and we cannot thank you enough."